but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. -matthew 6:33

Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Post

I have been interesed in blogging for a while now, but I have not had the time to do it. School is going to be ending soon so I figured with the extra time on my hands I might try this. I like trying new things, so blogging looked like a good option. I'm not sure how much extra time I will have this summer because I will be working 32 hours a week along with a 3 hour summer class but I am looking forward to it! I only have a few (3) months left of living at home, which mean I have 3 months to get everything ready for my room at lmu. I am most excited about decorating so I cannot wait to decide what my room theme will be.

I am very excited about the next couple of months. First off, come May 14th, I will no longer be a teenage! Yes, I will be 20. Not much comes with the age besides no longer being a teen. Also on this day, one of my very good friends will be getting married so I am very excited for them- Ashley and Adam. In June my cousin Rachel is also getting married. Congrats to both of these girls!

I'm most intrigued in following others blogs and posts instead of posting ones of my own. I will probably be posting about news and other topics I find interesting. Everything is a learning experience, and I expect that I will be able to do so through blogging.

God Bless.

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